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Homes for Hams - Introduction


My call is W7MDQ.  I have been a ham since high school (which was some time ago).

Finding a home where an external tower or other antenna support structure can be erected has several unique features.

First, identify the community or the City in which you want to live.

Second, look for a community with no HOA (at least until the Parity Act passes Congress).

Third, look for larger lot homes with generous back yards so you can put up the height of tower you want.

Tower rules differ from community to community but basically come down to having enough room in the back yard to satisfy setback requirements.for the height of tower you want to put up.

If you are of retirement age, Sun City and Sun City West offer some advantages.  They are both in the county (Maricopa) and so have reasonable tower regulations. Taxes are lower too.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Peoria also allow towers but have somewhat differing regulations.

Surprise is in the process, at this writing, of enacting tower regulations.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Goodyear, unfortunately, requires a Special Use Permit for a private tower.  That is a multi-step process including a public hearing and the investment of about $5,000 just for the permit. 

You can search for homes for many of these cities on this site to get an idea of what homes are available.

I keep up to date with tower regulations in the various West Side Communities as well as the County and can put together a customized search that will look for large-lot homes with the best chance of getting a tower permit.

If you are thinking of a vertical or longwire antenna or a smaller beam mounted on a roof tripod, none of these usually require a permit.  I can give you specifics on this for each of the west side communities.

Those are the basics.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your individual situation.

Here is a link to my Sun Cities Antenna video.  It will show you a variety of antennas in those communities.

Thanks and 73.

Richard  W7MDQ